Kub’s is a way of thinking, building and creating modular houses. Quality homes, personalised, complete and sustainable. Kub’s is a product of Kit’s, custom-built modular homes allow 20% savings on the total building cost of a house.
We build high quality and durability houses using the most advanced and centralised construction systems, with the guarantee of Kub’s professional architecture and design team.

offsite house

Offsite Houses –

The construction system of the Kub’s houses is performed offsite, that means that we carry it out in an industrialised way in the ‘Kub’s hub’, our production facilities specifically prepared to manufacture the modules. The entire process is 100% planned, does not imply the movement of personnel on site and the deadlines are met exactly. We manufacture houses in the optimal environment, with levels of precision, safety and speed unimaginable in a conventional house.

The environmental impact is also much lower, since the materials and manufacturing resources are controlled and the generated waste is reduced. Once the construction is complete, installing the modules on your site is quick and precise. At Kub’s we offer you maximum convenience and speed, as we take care of the complete handling of the design and execution of the work: procedures, fees, interior design project, construction, furniture and lighting, among others.
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