A living environment

Restoration of a single-family home

Tags: Complete project, Interior design, Furniture, Architecture, Restoration, Decoration, Interiors, Renovation.

Year: 2019.
Execution 100% Kit’s: project + works + furniture.

Restoration of the upper floor of a single-family home. Before the project, the family had not used the space for any purpose in particular, so the job was to create a guest room, a bedroom and study nook for the couple’s daughter, and a common area for reading or watching TV.

To better insulate the space and limit the feeling of having a high ceiling, we built a suspended ceiling with an overlapped ceiling, which is now one of the space’s key features. We added a glass window to enhance the visual flow between this new space and the room on the floor below. The daughter’s bedroom and study nook are versatile: they can form a single unit or be separated, depending on how they are to be used.


The restoration opened up new possibilities for the home. Plus, each member of the family will enjoy greater overall comfort now that they have a space tailored to each of them.