A tropical aroma

Renovation of a place of business

Tags: Complete project, Interior design, Architecture, Decoration, Interiors.

Year: 2019.
Kit’s: project + material choices.

Renovation of a café located within a multiplex that includes an arcade and children’s party area. We sought to improve flow within the café and to attract parents who bring their children to the play area. Before the renovation, the space was dark and featured over-the-top decorations. To cater to a wider, more diverse group of customers, we placed the bar at the café’s entrance, allowing passers-by from the multiplex to see and be drawn to the self-serve items on offer.

The decor makes customers feel like they are on a tropical terrace within a fun space with lots to offer. We opened up the space with a large window leading outside, and we planted a little garden with green plants at the back of the room. We also placed large vinyl leaves behind the bar to give it a feeling of wilderness. This is also the area that provides access to the arcade and children’s party area. The main element of the furniture is wood, which allowed us to create a warm, inviting space. Cameras were set up so that parents can watch their kids play while they eat or drink something at their leisure.