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Renovation of a place of business

Complete project, Interior design, Furniture, Architecture, Renovation, Façade, Decoration, Interiors.

Year: 2019.

Execution 100% Kit’s: project + works + furniture.

Partial renovation of an existing two-storey building which we are giving a new lease of life, designed for the sale and tasting of bakery products. There is a bakery on the ground floor and on the first floor there is a tasting area.

The building, located in the old town of Vic, is characterised by a natural oak floor, walls with exposed brickwork and high ceilings that we have respected to maintain the building’s individuality and character. We are working with warm materials to stay consistent with the materials already used for the building, and for the façade we have adapted to municipal requirements.

The challenge was to make sure that the clients wanting to enter the first floor did not obstruct the sales area on the ground floor. For this reason, we opened a second door onto the street which allows direct access to the tasting area.