Charming stone

Renovation of a home for a couple

Tags: Complete project, Interior design, Furniture, Architecture, Renovation, Kitchens, Decoration, Interiors.

Year: 2019.
Execution 100% Kit’s: project + works + furniture.

Complete renovation of a 100-m2 flat for a young couple in an old home, with classic layouts and decor and many separate rooms. We redistributed the space and added a second bathroom to create a suite for the couple. We restyled the kitchen, painting the entire space white and installing a Neolith® marble countertop.

We discovered a stone wall during the works that made us rethink our project. We decided to take advantage of the charming wall and recover the central doorjambs to emphasise the house’s history and, at the same time, enhance its personality and contrasting features. The dining room is now the home’s nucleus. Finally, the simple, functional furniture, with its welcoming colours and materials, warms up the space.