Cubes with history

Partial renovation of an emblematic home

Tags: Interior design, Furniture, Renovation, Decoration, Interiors, Interior patio, Exterior, Garden furniture.

Year: 2018.

Kit’s: distribution + decoration + furniture.

Partial renovation of a two-storey apartment located in a historic location on the main square in Vic. Project carried out in collaboration with the Colomer-Aceves architecture firm. The fundamental requirement was to respect the structure of the house, which led us to open all possible spaces for the maximum amount of light to enter, both at the front and at the back of the house, which is long and narrow. The fact that it had two floors allowed us to create double spaces and an interior patio that acts as a great diffuser of light and air in the central area.

On the upper floor we created cubes containing the bathroom and dressing room which do not alter or hide the inclination of the original ceiling, instead, they enhance it and establish an updated architectural dialogue with it. All these actions allowed us to achieve a modern and comfortable duplex located in the heart of the old town of Vic, with a distribution which is in keeping with the architecture of the building.