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Restoration of a single-family home

Tags: Complete project, Interior design, Furniture, Architecture, Renovation, Santos, Kitchens, Decoration, Interiors.

Year: 2019.
Execution 100% Kit’s: project + works + kitchen + furniture.

Restoration of the ground floor in a single-family home where we had previously restored the upper floor. We created a spacious kitchen and living room, separating the two areas with sliding glass doors to create a visual flow. The main feature is the fireplace, which gives the large home a cosy, welcoming feeling. We chose to use warm materials, such as natural wood, and minimalist white furniture.

We also opened up the stairway and integrated the office space behind the fireplace structure. This way the family has greater opportunities to gather together and share a single space while busying themselves with different activities. We created a suite for the couple as well as a guest room with a folding bed, which can also be used as an ironing room, thus diversifying its purpose.