The heart of the group

Newly built offices

Tags: Complete project, Interior design, Furniture, Architecture, Renovation, Kitchens, Decoration, Interiors, Offices, Façade.

Year: 2019.
Kit’s: project + project management + partial project execution + furniture.

Construction and redistribution of the entire office area for a group of companies engaged in the meat industry. During the first phase of the project, we built the façade of the complex destined to become offices and a clean room. We also added a module that would act as a reception space and the main axis for entryway into the corporate area. We hoped that this module, filled with glass structures that give it a crystal-clear, bright finish, would nicely juxtapose the industrial aesthetic of the rest of the building. An impressive stairway and glass lift lead to the office floor.

In the project’s second phase, we carried out comprehensive work on the 1,000 m2 of office space, creating specific departments and areas, a boardroom, a tasting area and a multi-purpose area for managerial staff that invokes a warm, inviting environment. The group’s values encourage them to maintain a close relationship with their customers, which is reflected in the materials and decor we chose to use. The private area includes an industrial kitchen for holding tasting events with customers. The ceilings on all floors are low. So, to maximise on space, we very carefully installed lighting panels on the ceiling, and mounted other lighting fixtures on the wall.