Well-defined spaces

Restoration of a single-family home

Tags: Complete project, Interior design, Furniture, Renovation, Kitchens, Santos, Decoration, Interiors.

Year: 2019.
Execution 100% Kit’s: project + works + kitchen + furniture.

Complete restoration of a duplex for a couple and their son. The aim of the project was to create a space for the child on the upper floor and another for the couple on the ground floor. Likewise, it aimed to enhance the flow between them thanks to spacious, comfortable shared spaces.

With the former layout, the kitchen and dining room were separated by an entrance hall, which we eliminated to create an open-space concept day area, taking space off the kitchen to enlarge the living room. We also opened up the stairway to incorporate it into the rest of the home’s flow. The natural wooden floors and clean furniture lines serve as a connecting link, imbuing the entire home’s decor with continuity.